Официальное открытие выставок MinTech и АктобеНефтеХим, 2022 г.
Выставка АктобеНефтеХим-2022


Mr. Zafer AĞRALI - CEO «Merta Machinery» (Bursa, Turkey) :
"We have come for the first time in the Aktobe region to meet and hold talks with at least two potential major customers of our products. And in the days of the exhibition we were able to successfully carry out these talks, moreover, we were invited to the head offices in Astana to discuss further cooperation, where we went at the end of the exhibition in Aktobe. We are pleased with the participation and the result that we have achieved it in the regional exhibition «MinTech-Aktobe", although we have participated in previous years in the specialized exhibitions in Almaty."

Mr. Malov Yuriy - Director of LLP «Control System Technology» (Almaty, Kazakhstan):
" For the first time our company took part in the International Exhibition «MinTech-Aktobe-2016». The exhibition «MinTech» gave us that opportunity where we successfully presented our company, products, talked about the real and potential opportunities of LLP «Control System Technology», held meetings with potential clients, and we talked about the technological capabilities of the enterprise. The result satisfied. I would like to note the professional approach, an informal collective attitude of organizer during preparation and holding of the exhibition.

Mr.Barkanov Evgeniy - Senior Manager of "Asterias" (Russia, Chelyabinsk):
"During the exhibition our company was able to establish contact with the technologists of the largest industrial companies in the region, such as the Aktobe ferroalloys plant JSC" TNK "Kazchrome", LLP "Aktobe Copper Company", JSC "Aktobe plant of chromium compounds" Donskoy GOK, branch of JSC "TNK" Kazchrome "and many others. Through the excursion, organized "KAZEXPO" to Donskoi GOK we were able to get acquainted with the production of two concentrators and reach agreement on the beginning of cooperation. We believe that the objectives of participation achieved by our company and will bring good results".

Mr. Pavel Khan - Director of «Klinkmann Kazakhstan» (Almaty):
"First of all I would like to thank organizers of this event, and the leadership of “Donskoy GOK”. As part of this trip we were able to meet our customers systems Wonderware MES, which was introduced at the enterprise in 2012 by our certified system integrators, the company "Intma". It should be noted that the level of such a system at the time was one of the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan. PMIS system (production control system) improves the quality of production management, and provides timely information for decision making. Separately can be noted benevolence leaders “DGOKa” automation service. They had organized a visit to the automated portion of the firing pellets, where we discussed the possibility of further cooperation and the current state of affairs. I wish you success in your work!". 

Mr. Egorov Liveriy - Regional Manager of "VNIIR"(Cheboksary):
"JSC" VNIIR ", is part of the group of electrical companies ABS Electro and offers different equipment and technologies for oil and gas, mining, chemical and power energy industries, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises engaged in the operation of water supply systems, heating and sanitation to the large residential places and Kazakhstan, etc. "VNIIR" JSC thanks “Kazexpo” exhibition company for the opportunity to participate in the "AktobeNefteHim-2016” exhibition. Also many thanks to JSC "TNK" Kazchrome" for the good opportunity once again meet with the specialists of "Aktobe ferroalloys plant" and "Donskoy GOK” in the Aktobe region. We believe that the seeds of co-operation in the spring of 2016 and we expect to successfully planted seedlings amicable and will for its part in every possible way to ensure this favorable weather. "

Bogun Anastasia - marketing LLP "Sew-Eurodrive" (Almaty, Kazakhstan):
"MinTech-Aktobe" Exhibition is an effective tool for the promotion of modern technologies and equipment to the domestic market. In Aktobe the exhibition was attended by leading manufacturers of power and electrical equipment, as well as producers of equipment and technology for the mining and metallurgical complex of near and far abroad, and, of course, Kazakhstan. For these reasons, it was interesting to see and learn about these entities, for further intelligence: competitive, pricing policies, item number of goods and services, etc. Visiting the exhibition "Donskoy GOK" and "Aktobe ferroalloy plant" has become a catalyst for cooperation and interaction between the customer and manufacturer of industrial equipment and technologies. We hope that these contacts and information, in near future will lead to productive negotiations, mutual understanding and a new contracts! ". 

Gnezdov Dmitry - Head of production equipment of company "RDO" (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
"Company RDO" for the first time participated in MinTech-Aktobe-2016 Exhibition. Meetings with partners, new clients from many regions of Kazakhstan were held, and agreements on possible deliveries of rolled metal products to Kazakhstani companies were reached during the exhibition working days. Also we had possibility to talk with colleagues from Aktobe metallurgical companies. The meetings have been identified the mutual interests related to the supply of rolled metal from Yekaterinburg to the Republic of Kazakhstan. "RDO" company expresses its gratitude to the organizers, participants and visitors of the exhibition. We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises of various spheres of activity and metal trading companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan".