Post-exhibition report
Pavlodar city
KazInterPower-2018 International Specialized Exhibition on Power Engineering and MinTeсh-2018 International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Mining, Metallurgy and Coal Industry were held on May 22-24, 2018 in Pavlodar city (Kazakhstan).
Companies from near and far abroad participated in the Exhibition, as well as Kazakhstani manufacturers, which presented a wide range of power and electrical equipment and devices, innovative developments, power saving technologies, automated power resource management systems for electric power industry enterprises and other industrial sectors. In addition, the exhibitors demonstrated the latest technologies for mining, machinebuilding and metallurgical industries.
Since power facilities and infrastructure in Kazakhstan today need modernization, and the electricity losses during its transmission and distribution are estimated in large volumes, the KazInterPower specialized exhibition in Pavlodar is regarded even more important and relevant. At the same time, the exhibition is as a dialogue and demonstration platform, bringing together the interests of heads of leading Kazakhstani and Russian enterprises, foreign manufacturing companies, equipment suppliers in the power sector, introducing high-performance technologies for production, distribution and consumption of energy resources.
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The power industry exhibition KazInterPower is the only specialized event in Pavlodar region where participate the leading Kazakhstani and foreign enterprises that have been working in Kazakhstan for a long EXHIBITORS time, as well as new companies discovering the regions of Kazakhstan.
The regular exhibitors of KazInterPower include the following companies: Klinkmann Kazakhstan, NILED-Kazakhstan, MIR (Russia), Patent-Double (Kazakhstan), Sverdlovsk Current Transformers Plant JSC (Russia), Teplopribor-Kazakhstan, Elektronpribor KZ (Kazakhstan), UNKOMTECH (Kazakhstan), NUR LIFE (Kazakhstan) etc. A number of local companies showed interest towards the exhibition in Pavlodar: Akku-Energo - official representative of GNB Industrial Power, industrial subdivision of the Exide Technologies company and Accu-Fertib LLC (Russia) in Kazakhstan; Artash-Union - automation of technological processes, designing, installation, adjustment and maintenance of thermal units and heat metering units, service maintenance of heat energy meters etc.; Kazenergokabel is the largest dynamically developing domestic manufacturer of cable and wire products; RZA Systems-KZ - development and manufacture of microprocessor relay protection and automation; SAIMAN Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of electronic electricity meters, current transformers, LED products, automated commercial electricity metering system (ASKUE) etc.; ELTO Power Systems - Kazakhstani producer of electrical; Ensto Kazakhstan - production and sale of electrical products for construction of VL0.4-35kV with SIP wires, cable couplings, equipment for underground and air cable lines using universal cables, solutions for automation of medium voltage networks with SmartGrid elements; Schneider Electric (representative office in Kazakhstan) - effective integrated solutions uniting energy management, automation and software; IEK Kazakhstan is a key partner of the IEK Group of Companies in Kazakhstan, representing telecommunication and climate cabinets, accessories, office plastic cable channels and many other companies.
Manufacturing companies from Russia also presented their equipment and technological developments: Garant Boiler Plant (Barnaul) - designing, manufacture of boiler and supporting equipment, supply, installation, commissioning; Kyshtym Electromechanical Plant (Kyshtym) - manufacturer of wiring products, low-voltage electrical equipment and production of fittings; MPS-Service (Tomsk) is the exclusive distributor in CIS countries of Diora Trade Mark products made by Fiztech-Energo JSC. Fiztech-Energo JSC (Diora TM) is a Russian manufacturer of LED equipment. It produces office, street, industrial, sports, explosion-proof spotlights; Experimental Design Bureau of Automation (Angarsk) - development and production of metering and control devices for parameters of substances in various states; the leading enterprise in Russia producing tools and systems for analytical control; ResursInvestStroy (Irkutsk) is the official and the only dealer of the modern factory (RusIr Trade House) producing ferroconcrete constructions; Technopribor (Lyubertsy) – a manufacturer of the most complete set of stationary and portable measuring instruments for monitoring physical and chemical parameters of water, aqueous solutions and other liquids, devices for sampling and preparation of samples and other auxiliary equipment; KM-Profile (Moscow region) - professional manufacturer of metal structures; Lightelectro (JAZZWAY TM) (St. Petersburg) - LED lights, LED strip, as well as extensions, batteries, lamps and others.
The list of participants of the regional industrial exhibition MinTech: ALFLET Engineering AG (Switzerland), BWF Envirotec (Russia), Evooil Kazakhstan, KOBOLD Instruments (Kazakhstan), MiM (Kazakhstan), Safeti (Kazakhstan), SEVEN REFRACTORIES ASIA (Kazakhstan), Seiko Epson Corporation (Japan), THERMACUT (Kazakhstan) and others.
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During the exhibition, the visitors could learn more about new and long-established solutions in the field of power industry including industrial stationary batteries for uninterruptible power supply and other fields of industry from EXHIBITION Akku-Energo company; control and measuring devices, testing equipment and devices of various trade marks presented by Elektronpribor KZ; electric measuring tools for industrial power enterprises were demonstrated by Patent-Double representatives; lamps for industrial and municipal lighting from Eurosetvet-PV (the official dealer in Pavlodar region - Texan Kazakhstan Invest LLP); automated systems for accounting and management of power facilities - ASKUE from NPO MIR; electric meters from the leading manufacturer of electrical equipment - Saiman Corporation LLP and many others.
Especially for the exhibition, the Garant Boiler Plant designed demonstration models of E-1,0-0,9Р type steam boiler, DN-6,3/1500 smoke exhauster, water-heating water-pipe boiler ВВр-0,2ТТ and water-heating fire-bar boiler EUR-0,4A.
Each specialist had the opportunity to get full technical information about various equipment.
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For the first time in Kazakhstan, within the framework of KazInterPower-Pavlodar 2018 exhibition, a Round Table was organized on: "Modern approaches to energy saving using digital EXHIBITION EVENTS technologies". The event was organized by the Institute of Energy Saving named after N.I.Danilov (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Co-organizer from Kazakhstan - Institute for Development of Electricity and Energy Saving JSC (Astana, Kazakhstan). The subject of the round table is very relevant for today, because energy saving issues are of great significance both in Russia and in Kazakhstan. For example, one of the speakers - Murat Abulkalykov, the Deputy Head of the Energy, Housing and Public Utilities Department of the Pavlodar region said that the energy-saving modernization of social and cultural facilities is implemented widely in Kazakhstan today. I.e., the state at the expense of budget funds establishes energy saving heat and electricity meters at schools, kindergartens, hospitals. Due to this, one million kilowatt-hours of electricity was saved last year in Pavlodar region. Olzhas Alibekov, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Institute for Development of Electricity and Energy Saving Kazakhenergiekspertiza JSC demonstrated the main aspects of the current energy saving policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to him, Kazakhstan has a goal of reducing the energy intensity of GDP by 25% by 2020. As a result, significant cost savings are expected. The Director of the Institute of Energy Saving named after N.I.Danilov - Mr. S.Bannykh, presented his own development of the institute, the regional information and analytical system "Matrix ResourceSaving" (RIAS "MarS") - a project recognized by the end of 2017 as the best Russian practice in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency. 
RIAS "MarS" is an intelligent system for remote accounting of energy resources; a single resource for collection, storage, systematization and analysis of information on energy facilities and housing and public utilities in the region; Smart-platform of the concept "Smart Region" in the Sverdlovsk region in the energy and housing and communal services. As a result of the round table, negotiations were held with interested specialists. Representatives of Kazakhstani enterprises, such as Bogatyr Komir LLP (Ekibastuz), Kazzinc LLP (Ust-Kamenogorsk) and AES Shulbinskaya HPP LLP (Semey) showed interest in the energy saving system presented.
Russkiy Svet Association (Russia), which unites the leading suppliers of electrical products of Russia, for the first time in the framework of the exhibition in Pavlodar, held a Day of the Russkiy Svet Association, where separate seminars were held by companies such as: Schneider Electric (Representative Office in Kazakhstan), KM-Profile (Russia), IEK Kazakhstan, Lightelectro with Jazzway TM (Russia).

During the seminars, specialists could get information from the manufacturers of electrical products, as well as continue communicating directly at the booths of these companies.
The following companies performed seminars during two days of the exhibition:
- MPS-Service LLC (Russia): "LED lighting: safety and energy efficiency in the mining industry";
- Klinkmann-Kazakhstan LLP: "Wonderware in Industrial Automation - Portfolio Review";
- Akku-Energo LLP (Kazakhstan): "The main criteria for selecting batteries for the system of operational current and uninterruptible power supply in various areas of industry".
In addition, representatives of Patent-Dubl LLP (Kazakhstan) and its partners which are official representatives of the manufacturers, including Prist JSC (Russia), SKB EP (Russia), Angstrem-IP (Russia ) organized a number of technical seminars and presentations and demonstrated the latest equipment for the energy industry experts.
ResourceInvestSroy Company (Russia) performed a drawing of prizes among its visitors. The company from Irkutsk, exhibiting in Pavlodar for the first time, decided to use a more creative approach while finding potential partners, specialists and exhibitors. Any professional visitor or exhibitor could come to the Company booth, and hand in his business card to take part in the lottery. Worthy prizes were awarded during the drawing to all those who believed in luck and came on the second day. Natalia Astafurova, a Commercial Director of the Company explains such an unusual approach as a desire to communicate with as many visitors and exhibitors as possible, to establish business contacts and present the company in a new market.

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MinTech and KazInterPower exhibitions provide also the opportunity to the leading industrial enterprises of the Pavlodar region. On the final day of the exhibitions, tours to the largest enterprises were organized: Ekibastuz GRES-1 LLP named after Bulat Nurzhanov and Kazenergokabel JSC.
Ekibastuz GRES-1 LLP named after Bulat Nurzhanov is the largest power plant in Kazakhstan, which produces and distributes energy with an installed capacity of 4000 MW. Karamende Omarbekov, the Head of Energy Department welcomed the Exhibitors and told them about the production process. The exhibitors visited the main production sites: dispatching unit No. 3, steam boiler, chemical treatment plant for water, where some exhibitors met with the right specialists and negotiated directly at the workplaces. In conclusion, the exhibitors and specialists of the enterprise met and negotiated in the conference hall. To the opinion of the Exhibitors, the information received during such visits will help them while preparing business proposals and establishing further cooperation.

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To date, Kazenergokabel JSC is the largest domestic producer of cable and wire products with a product range of over 7,000 items. The developed branch network (Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Aktau) allows to offer the best terms of delivery practically for any region of Kazakhstan. The delegation was greeted by Mikhail Bobrov – the Deputy Commercial Director, Yuri Balan – the Head of Contract Department, Vakha Gaparkhoyev – the Head of Production Department, Oleg Kiverin - the Operator, who answered all the questions of the Exhibitors and told about work process.

One of the important features of the regional specialized exhibitions KazInterPower and MinTech is their high attendance by the specialists. The exhibition is annually visited by the heads of almost all enterprises of the Pavlodar region, technical directors and chief engineers, main power engineers, suppliers, designers, operators, adjusters, scientific and technical specialists etc.
This year about 700 specialists from Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Aksu, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zhezkazgan, Shymkent, Aktobe, Astana, Almaty, Kokshetau as well as delegates from Russia visited the exhibition in Pavlodar during two days. 
The main target visitors of the exhibition in Pavlodar are representatives of the largest enterprises of the Pavlodar region, such as: Aksu Ferroalloy Plant - branch of TNK Kazkhrom, Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC, Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant JSC, Ekibastuz GRES -1 LLP, Station Ekibastuz GRES-2 JSC, Pavlodar Distribution Grid Company JSC, Pavlodarenergo JSC, Eurasian Energy Corporation JSC, EEK Aksu Power Station JSC, KEGOC JSC (Ekibastuz Branch), KAZ Minerals Bozshakol LLP , Electrotechnical Design Institute TELPRO LLP, EEK Vostichniy JSC, Pavlodar Pipe Valve Plant LLP, KazStroyProject-PV LLP, KazElektromotor LLP, KF COTES Project Design Institute LLP, NPF Sevkazenergoprom LLP, KSP STEEL LLP, Kurylys-joba Service LLP, Remtekhkomplekt PC, Promanalit LLP, Elprommash LLP, Gorelektroset LLP (Ekibastuz), Energoupravlenie LLP (Ekibastuz), Vibrobit-Kazakhstan LLP, AksuMontazhStroyServis LLP, Kazenergokabel JSC, Vostokgazoochistka LLP, Vostok Ecology PV LLP, AvtoGaz Trade LLP, Rubikom LLP, PavlodarEnergoProekt LLP, PromEnergoMash PV LLP, MENP ENERGIYA LLP, Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP, PromEnergoNefteKhimProekt LLP, Pavlodar River Port JSC, PavlodarLiftService LLP, Pavlodar Machine Building Plant-the branch of ERG Service JSC, UPNK-PV LLP - local plant for production of calcined petroleum coke, Pavlodar Vodokanal Severny LLP, Bogatyr Komir LLP and other companies of the Kazakhstani market - AES Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP LLP (Ust-Kamenogorsk), AES Shulbinskaya HPP (Semey), KAZHROM TNC JSC (Aktobe), Ridder Metallurgical Complex Kazzinc LLP (Ridder), Astana-Energia HPP JSC-1 and HPP-2 (Astana), Astana Teplotranzit JSC (Astana), KEGOC JSC (Astana), Kazzinc LLP (Ust-Kamenogorsk), Astana Electrical Engineering Plant (Astana), Altyntau Kokshetau LLP (Kokshetau), East Kazakhstan Regional Energy Company (Ust-Kamenogorsk) etc. In addition, the exhibition was visited by representatives of the State Administration of Energy and Housing of the Pavlodar Region, which heads the process of modification of energy-saving and socio-cultural spheres of the region.
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Roman Podgainy, the Leading Specialist of the Marketing Department of Sverdlovsk Works of Current Transformers JSC (Russia): "I would like to note good work of the exhibition organizers, who managed to attract a large number of visitors. We were quite surprised and didn't expect such a number of visitors. For a city with a population of less than half a million people, the visitors' number turned out to be very worthy. I believe that this is due to the organizers' work. We travel a lot and participate in exhibitions held in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Usually, when the exhibition is held regularly for many years, the organizers stop paying enough attention to attracting visitors. As a result, less companies exhibit and the exhibition becomes less attractive for visitors. KazInterPower Exhibition in Pavlodar is an exception. I hope this situation will not change in the next few years and we will have a worthy platform to represent our enterprise in Pavlodar region".
Victoria Kryshkina, Marketing Communications Manager, Schneider Electric (manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan): "Employees of the company express their gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition KazInterPower-2018. We were satisfied with the result and we look forward to further cooperation".
Kairat Nazarbayev, Technical Director of Ensto Kazakhstan LLP: The exhibition was organized at a high level. There were many visitors from different companies (designers, electricians, maintenance workers etc.). At the exhibition we met our regular partners, found new ones, discussed relevant issues and new projects. Very satisfied with the result of the exhibition!"
Dmitry Baranov, Sales Engineer, Kyshtym Electromechanical Plant, LLC (Russia): "As an exhibitor of KazInterPower-2018, I would like to note prompt interaction with the organizers including hotel booking, the hotel-exhibition-hotel transfer. The largest number of visitors was on the first exhibition day. The exhibition is specialized and the visitors are engaged in the power industry. On the second exhibition day, there were less visitors, however they were all people engaged in the power industry. Such exhibitions are of great importance for us since they are held in regions with a large number of companies working in the energy sector. Of course, we would like to see more exhibitors, which will invariably attract more visitors as a result".
Representative of JAZZWAY company in Kazakhstan: "LightElectro LLC (JAZZWAY TM) thanks the organizers for high level of organization of KazInterPower-2018 exhibition. The results of the exhibition surpassed all our expectations".
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Dear Sirs, the next MinTech and KazInterPower exhibitions will be held
in Ust-Kamenogorsk (May 22-24) and Pavlodar (May 28-30).
We will be glad to see you among our exhibitors!
Organizers: KAZEXPO International Exhibition Company, BM EXPO LLP
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