About Exhibition

KAZEXPO International Exhibition Company invites you to take part in “KazInterPower” Exhibition!

The venue for the Exhibition has not been chosen randomly, as Pavlodar Oblast with its biggest Ekibastuz power stations, Aksu hydro-electric station, as well as the number of biggest heating stations serving the power-consuming enterprises of Pavlodar Industrial Region is the energy heart of Kazakhstan. The volume of generated power considerably exceeds demand of the region and it has become the biggest supplier of energy into neighboring regions of Kazakhstan and Russia. 

Currently 6 power stations with total capacity of operating equipment of 6525 MWt operate in Pavlodar Oblast. All power stations basically use mineral coal of Ekibastuz coal field. The power lines of 220-500 kV connect block power stations with regional power systems of Kazakhstan, Ural and Western Siberia. The unique power line Barnaul-Ekibastuz-Kokchetav-Kustanay-Chelyabinsk (of 1150 kV) runs through the territory of the Oblast. 

As Pavlodar Oblast is as well the one of the biggest supplier of ferroalloys, coal, alumina, machine building and other, concurrently with КаzInterPower, the International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for metallurgy and coal mining industries MinTech will be held. Since 2003 the Exhibition has successfully been held in 2 biggest industrial centres of Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Karaganda, and since 2011 MinTech will be held in Pavlodar. 

The main sectors of the Exhibition:

-Power (electricity, hydro, heat and nuclear power, alternative and renewable power);
-Power engineering;
-Electrical equipment;
-Power, heat and gas supply systems;
-Automated process control systems and measurement & control systems;
-Environmental safety of power facilities etc.
-Logistical support of the industries: outfit, security facilities, etc. 

Within the frames of the Exhibition there will be held:
-Roundtable discussions 
-Seminars & presentations of some companies 
-Visits to the biggest mining, metallurgic, coal mining and power enterprises of domain. 

The biggest power enterprises of the Oblast:
TES Alyminiy Kazakhstana JS with 8 boilers and 6 turbosets with capacity of 350 MWt and heating capacity of 1125 Gcal/hr. 

TES-2 (Heating power station) PavlodarEnergo JS with 5 boilers and 3 turbosets of 110 MWt capacity, heating capacity of 332 Gcal/hr. 

TES-3 Pavlodarenergo JS, with 6 boilers and 6 turbosets. Power capacity 540 МWt, heating capacity 1126 Gcal/hr. 

AES Ekibastuz LTD is the biggest power station in Oblast, with capacity of operating blocks of 2500 MWt. 

Stanciya Ekibasryzkaja GRES-2 JS, Hydroelectric Station, with 2 energy blocks capacity 1000 MWt. 

JS Evroaziatskaja Energeticheskaja Kompaniya, Eurasian Energy Company (Aksu Power Station) with 7 power blocks of total capacity 2100 MWt. 

The Exhibition is supported by the Government of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Pavlodar Oblast, Pavlodar Trade & Industry Chamber.