Post Exhibition Report

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31st International Jewellery Exhibition ARU Astana-2018

Venue: Korme Exhibition Center, hall “A”, 3, Dostyk st., Astana
Dates: November 8-11, 2018
Total number of exhibitors: over 100 exhibitors (jewelry companies and jewelers)
Participating countries: Armenia, Russia, including Buryatia, Dagestan and Yakutia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Total area: 3000 m2

Visitors: over 12 000 private and wholesale buyers from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Exhibition Profile: 
- Gold, silver and platinum jewelry;
- Precious and semiprecious stones; 
- Watches, fashion jewelry;
- Arms in jewelry performance, souvenirs;
- Silver gifts, souvenirs;
- Jewelry tableware;
- Jewelry accessories, jewelry boxes;
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The 31st International Jewellery Exhibition ARU 2018 has pleased residents and guests of the capital of our country for the period from November 8 to 11 in Korme 6Exhibition Center. The exhibition is traditionally held in November and despite the cold weather this year, the activity of visitors was at a high level, as evidenced by the figure – 12 000 visitors. About 100 exhibitors have presented jewelry, fashion jewelry, souvenirs, tableware and many other things, of which more than 15 companies presented jewelry for the first time within ARU Exhibition. Those companies include: Allami Сompany (Russia, Moscow), which presented jade jewelry and souvenirs in the traditional Buryat style; Claudio Canzian (Russia, Moscow) - one of the leaders of the Russian market of luxury jewelry, has presented the collection of exclusive European brands; Electrocabel Kolchugino Plant (Russia, Kolchugino) has presented the luxurious tableware and dishes of nickel silver; 7 Sakha Alaas (the Sakha Republic, Yakutsk) - unique jewelry of the best Yakut manufactures with hints of folk arts and crafts, preserving and developing the traditions of the Sakha people in modern jewelry art; Yuvelir-Trade (Russia, Moscow) - the company has presented a rare commodity on the Kazakhstan market - chains and diamond-cut bracelets with rhodium plating and others

A good tradition of ARU Exhibition is the participation of group stands in our exhibition. Thus, the group stand of Russia has united the following jewelry manufacturers from the Kostroma oblast: KU & KU, Greenwood, Kostroma Jewellery Factory, Kabarovsky Jewellery House. Armenian exposition, which has become an integral part of our exhibitions has been represented by such companies as Bojo, Diamant Noir, Gnomon 1 Yerevan Jewellery Factory, JCA, Mitario Gold as well as jeweller Agavna Simonyan.

As a rule, jewellery exhibitions especially attract the female half of society, but the last exhibition presented surprises for the stronger sex, actually a large selection of various knives and men's accessories have been presented for men. Thus, the blacksmith craft of Uzbekistan has been presented by masters of Bukhara and Tashkent. In the old days, damask knives and sabers were especially famous, which were presented as gifts by Central Asian ambassadors. V.V. Nazarov Forge Company (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod oblast) and Bulat knife (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod) presented knives, axes, dirks and even machetes for men used by hunters, fishermen, tourists and professional chefs.  A special decoration of the exhibition was Bayaskhalanov Creative Studio (Russia, St. Petersburg).Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov is a jeweler-gunsmith, the author who creates exclusive art knives in the national style as well as sculptures, which have a deep meaning.9 Zhigzhit Bayaskhalanov draws ideas for his works from his ancestors, being inspired by the Buryat epic and borrowing the motives of the national Buryat costume and ornament. Exclusive author's knives, stone-carving sculptures, gifts were also been presented by Mezhov Studio (Russia, St. Petersburg). Once again Armat Company (Kazakhstan, Almaty) has surprised visitors not only with perfect quality and original design of its jewelry for both women and men and also with interesting presentation. At the stand of the Company various actions and drawing of lottery were held, and all this was happening under the enchanting sounds of a live orchestra.  Thus, visitors of this year’s exhibition were pleased with the favourable offers from industrial jewellery companies from many regions of Russia - the Urals, Yakutia, the North Caucasus, the Central Region, the Kaliningrad oblast and etc., from the CIS countries - Armenia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and also from Kazakhstan. Such jewelry and watch brands have been also represented at the exhibition as: Brosh, De Fleur, Michael Michaud (USA), Extasia (USA), Patrice (USA), MichalGolan (USA), Stile Italiano (Italy), men's and women's watches of Gnomon brand with  mechanisms of the Swiss firms ETA, RONDA, CITIZEN, Polet (Russia), Nika (Russia), Altyn K (Kazakhstan), Continent (Russia). The following Kazakhstani jewellery brands have been represented at the exhibition: Zhemchuzhina and Zolotoye Runo from Karaganda, Crystal-L from Almaty with ornaments in modern and Kazakh national style.

10The traditional feature of ARU exhibition is the holding a Golden Jewelry Box drawing. This time again every visitor, who bought jewelry at the  exhibitors had the opportunity to win another piece of jewelry within two days. 11Prizes for the drawing were provided by companies as follows: Brus (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk), Brosh Jewellery (Kazakhstan, Almaty), Kristall-L (Kazakhstan, Almaty), Lars Jewels (Kazakhstan, Astana), Yuveldi (Russia, Moscow). The SUPERPRISE of the drawing - The Firebird jewellery set consisting of 585 gold rings and pendant was provided by Platina Jewellery Company (Russia, Kostroma). It should be noted that this set won one of the nominations in the competition for “The Best Jewelry of the 30th International Jewellery Exhibition Aru Almaty 2018”. However, this year not only the visitors of the exhibition won jewelry at the draw, but also the listeners of the radio  were able to become happy proprietors of various jewelry by answering questions of the quiz, which the organizers of the exhibition held on Orda FM radio for 3 days.

12Today, ARU Exhibition is objectively considered the largest and most professional exhibition not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the entire Central Asian region, i.e. over 15 years (since 2003) ARU Exhibition integrates manufacturers, distributors and consumers of jewelry, i.e. professional buyers and just admirers of beautiful jewelry art. After all, it is here at the exhibition you can see all the variety of jewelry made of gold, silver with precious and semiprecious stones, pearls and amber; elegant jewelry; tableware and dishware, highly artistic interior items of all trends and styles, packaging products, tools, production equipment, furniture and lighting elements for jewelry salons.

All interested companies are invited to take part in the forthcoming 32nd International Jewellery Exhibition ARU, which will be held 
from 4 to 7 April 2019 in ALMATY, ATAKENT Exhibition Center.