Официальное открытие выставок MinTech и АктобеНефтеХим, 2022 г.
Выставка АктобеНефтеХим-2022

POST REPORT of «AktobeNefteKhim-2016»

With support of:
The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Akimat of Aktobe oblast
Union of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe oblast
JSC Transnational Company “Kazchrome”

Partners: Central Asian Mining Union
GLOBAL SpecOdezhda


    In 2016, international exhibition project «MinTech» expands the boundaries of its presence in Kazakhstan. In addition to the already known exhibitions in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Karaganda and Pavlodar cities, added a similar exhibition in Aktobe - the fourth largest industrial region of Kazakhstan. 
    From 18 to May 20, “MinTech” was successfully launched in Aktobe region for first time. At the same time, the International Exhibition of Equipment and Technology of Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries «AktobeNefteKhim 2016» was organized at “KONYS” palace of sport. 
    The official opening ceremony was attended by competent experts and representatives of relevant departments, which confirms the importance of the project for development of metallurgy, mining and power energy sectors in the region. Participants and guests were welcomed: 

- Deputy Akim of Aktobe oblast –Mr. Iskaliev Gali, 
- Vice-President of JSC Transnational Company “Kazchrome” Mr. Oleg Privalov,
- President "Kazexpo" IEC – Mrs. Maria Moldagaliyeva.

    In his welcoming address Eskaliev Gali said: "The first time the specialized International exhibition of this level held in Aktobe, which cover such important industries as mining, metallurgical, energy and petrochemical. This is not surprising, because our region has a unique mineral resource base, has huge production capacity, infrastructure and advantageous of geographical position, where accounts for 65 percent of production in the mining industry. In the oil and gas sector- 70 companies, which employ more than 16 thousand people. We have a great potential for active and free of oil and gas, non-ferrous metals. And Akimat of Aktobe region is ready to start cooperation and to provide maximum support to business development ". 

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    After welcoming words the official delegation headed to take a view of the exhibition, which presented 70 companies from Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Due to a wide range of products for all sectors of the mining industry, as well as the rich program of events, offering theoretical and practical solutions to the most relevant problems of the industry, «MinTech» exhibition is one of the most anticipated events for industry professionals and has now become an interactive platform for industry professionals of Aktobe region too. 

    Effective and bright stand of "Transnational Company "Kazchrome" was placed in the central part of the exhibition. Transnational Company “Kazchrome”, a part of Eurasian Group (ERG), is a modern vertical-integrated company of world class, one of the leaders of mining and smelting sector, the first company in the world as of quality of chrome ore and ferroalloys. JSC "TNK" Kazchrome" comprises four business units-branches: Donskoy GOK (Khromtau city) Rudoupravlenie" Kazmarganets "(Karaganda region), Aksu (Pavlodar region) and Aktobe ferroalloy plants.
    The exposition of domestic companies continued the leading enterprises of Aktobe region, such as the manufacturer and exporter of high-quality chrome compounds - “Aktobe plant of chromium compounds” (Aktobe), the enterprise group "Sunrise" (Khromtau), Aktobe rail and Section Works, LLP "Yuzhpromsnab», «FinSadGroup Kazakhstan », INL Management Group. TOO "Kaspiy Plus" (Aktobe),which has successfully developed a new direction – metalwork and presented at the exhibition, produced on the basis of high-quality enterprise components for sectional centrifugal pumps. 

    Traditionally, the basis of the exhibition of the regular participants of the industry-leading companies, such as "ConBelt" LLP (Karaganda), "Teplopribor-Kazakhstan" LLP (Kostanay), SSAB Swedish Steel (Representative in Kazakhstan), “Alfleth Engineering AG” (Switzerland), "Informational mining technologies" (Russia), PKF "MiM” Ltd. "(Astana), “Klinkmann Kazakhstan" LLP, “QuantumMax” LLP (Almaty), SPB "Birs" LLC (Russia), «Repsample» LLP, "SFT-Kazakhstan” LLP, “Lapp-Kazakhstan”, TD "Uncomtech" and others. They presented samples of the innovation technologies for the mining and metallurgical, petrochemical and power industries. The equipment for ore dressing, innovative manufacturing lightings, various fasteners for mining industry, electrical products, low-voltage electrical equipment, machine tools for metal working and more. 

    Interesting technologies and equipment offered “Tansu-Kordai” company from the neighboring Kyrgyzstan Republic. They produce steam, heating, water heating and refining equipment.

Despite the crisis or the crisis has noticeably increased the interest of foreign companies to participate in regional specialized Exhibitions which, by their size are not large in comparison with metropolitan exhibitions, but win by quality “slice” of visitors, from technicians and enterprises of all levels, to the Heads of the enterprises. This effective specific meetings and in the course of the conversation concerned professionals, manufacturers and end users of equipment allows to find the best options for further fruitful cooperation - this applies to the real price of equipment and technology, as well as specific customer requirements - emanating from the operating conditions in a given region. Such meetings and talks held at the stands of the companies who came on the regional exhibition in Aktobe for the first time.
Among them, it should be noted such as: 

-MERTA Mineral Processing (Turkey), the manufacturer of equipment for ore dressing: separators, vibrating table, the drying table, vibrating screen, chromium enrichment plant "turnkey", etc .; 
-Epson is a Japanese corporation– the world leader in the development of innovative products for imaging. Offering compact, reliable, friendly towards the environment of the device. The most advanced technologies are implemented in products such as the Epson printers, 3LCD projectors for home and business, electronic components and LCD.; 
-Harbin High-Tech Machinery Int.Co (China) – Trade and Production Company, a manufacturer of various types of bearings;
-OSMAK RULO MAKINA SAN.VE TIC.LTD.STI (Turkey), which manufactures conveyor belts and rollers, drums, bearing parts, shaft lining crown.
Slavyansky Machine-Building Plant, PJSC (Ukraine) – the manufacturer of the mine, mining and processing, lifting equipment, machines for metallurgy, coke industry, steelmaking and blast furnace complexes;
Special Process Monitoring, OOO (Ukraine) – a specialized subsidiary of JSC "Bankomsvyaz", offers services for the development, design, implementation and maintenance of measurement automation and control systems for nuclear power plants, hydroelectric, pumped storage, bridges, tunnels, hydrological stations and many others.

The new companies from Russia showed a great interest in participation in the Aktobe region: OOO "Epo signal" (the city of Engels, 19), "Energogazpribor" LLC (Nizhny Novgorod), "RK-Lux" LLC (Novocherkassk) , "NPP" Germet-Ural" LLC (Nizhny Tagil), "Kyshtymskiy Electro-Mechanical Plant " LLP (Kyshtym), “Plant of ring blanks " LLP (Omsk) and others.

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    On the first day of the exhibition "round table" on the topic: "The mining sector Aktobe region as a catalyst for stability and development: experience and ways of development in the conditions of modern challenges» was held. It was attended by representatives of "TNK" Kazchrome", Akimat of Aktobe region, Central Asian Mining Union, NC ILAC RK "SSPA Industrial Ecology" Kazmehanobr "SE" GIPROPROM "(Ukraine), LLC" Vega Plus " (Ukraine), "Tekhnolink" (Ukraine), the partners and employees of "TNK" Kazchrome" JSC, the participants and guests of the exhibition. 
Mr. Oleg Privalov the vice-president of JSC "TNK" Kazchrome was made a presentation and told about the plans and the company's technological challenges for the next 10 years. “Kazchrome”'s partners are many producers and suppliers of equipment and services from Kazakhstan and foreign countries. That is why the introduction of new technologies of "Kazchrome" caught the interest of presentation of breakthrough projects of the company. 

    The exhibition program also included holding of presentations by companies to provide more detail information on technology and equipment presented. Among which: 

-Seminar on: “Quality control systems and process optimization by FLSmidth”.
-Seminar on: “Weir Technology: hydraulic transport, paste thickening, backfill, drainage, pressure leaching”.
-Seminar of “Klinkmann Kazakhstan” LLP on the theme: “Wonderware software and its capabilities”.
-Seminar of NPO “MIR” company (Russia, Omsk) on the theme: “Saving energy costs technology of industrial, resource and production enterprises”.
-Seminar of Institute of Comprehensive Exploration of Mineral LLP) (Kazakhstan, Karaganda) on the theme: “IPKON silicate ampoules for fixing anchor bars in boreholes of underground mine workings”.
-Seminar of Institute of Comprehensive Exploration of Mineral LLP) (Kazakhstan, Karaganda) on the theme: “The technology and method of GEO-EMR (electromagnetic resonance) for mapping and sensing of oil, gas, water, ore, coal and metals”.

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    Traditionally, the final day of exhibition participants have the opportunity to visit the largest enterprises of the region. And this year was no exception, the participants of “MinTech-Aktobe” Exhibition visited: “Donskoy GOK” subsidiary of "TNK" Kazchrome "(Khromtau) and “Aktobe ferroalloys plant” branch of " TNK "Kazchrome". 

    Donskoy Ore Mining and Dressing Plant – a branch of JSC “TNC “Kazchrome”. The enterprise on mining and dressing of chrome ores, established in 1938. The ore, mined and processed by the plant – on average 3,7 mln tons per year, is unique in the world as of quality. DGOK consists of 24 business units, including five primary commodity-producing shops: mines “Molodyozhnaya” and “10 years of Independence of Kazakhstan”, pit “Donskoy”, crushing and dressing plant No1, ore dressing and pelletizing plant.

In the conference hall with a welcoming speech met our delegation the director of DGOKa - Bekeev Maral Munsyzbayevich. 
Next, the participants by interests get into groups, and the continuation of the tour was already acquainted with the processes of production in the following areas:

1) Mine "10 years of Independence of Kazakhstan" mine number 21, pit reserves - was accompanied by the chief of mines Mr. Ermakov
2) The second concentrator factory (chain of concentration and pelletizing) - accompanied by Ch. dressing DGOKa Mrs. Imekeshova, and answered questions Mr. Utemisov BK – Deputy of technical Director for production.
3) Automated Process Control System – Mr. Shadabayev – chief power engineering. 
4) Chief mechanic service (SHDNK, surface and lifting machines, mobile crushing and screening plant, the first factory (for engineers and those interested in equipment and machinery) - accompanied by a deputy of technical director of the repair and maintenance Mr. Mendybayev M.K.
5) Purchase of special clothes – Chief technical manager for OT Mr. Sergazin 
6) The head of the central laboratory Mr. Tkachenko V.I
7) The head of department of automation and communication Mr. Ibatov M.U. (Visit of the automated portion of the firing pellet). At the end, each group returned to the conference room, where the participants once again were able to talk with the leaders and experts, ask questions, exchange contacts.

    “Aktyubinsk Ferroalloys Plant “ – a branch of JSC “TNC “Kazchrome”. The firstling of ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan, established in 1943. Today it is a modern fast-growth enterprise, which production volumes are over 400 thousand tons of ferroalloys per year. The technical director Mr. Prokopiev L.J. met with welcoming speech our delegation in the conference hall of the Plant. Further, during the tour, accompanied by Deputy Technical Director Mr. Kayrakbayev S.N.
At the plant was visited by the old smelter, then headed to the territory of a new plant. In conclusion, at the conference-hall Deputy of Technical Director, Head of Procurement Department Mr. Bondarenko N., Main power Engineering Mr. A.A. Udovenko, the Chief Engineer Planning Department - Baidauletov S. answered questions and discussed all interesting points.

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    Visitors were registered in accordance with the standard procedure during the exhibition. High-quality registration of visitors, mainly industry professionals, is an indicator of the success of any exhibition. Thus, the visitors of «MinTech» exhibition are traditionally only specialists - engineers, mechanics, designers, suppliers, scientific and technical experts and heads of almost all industrial enterprises in the region. 

    The analysis of visitors registered in Aktobe has shown that the vast number of visitors were from almost all divisions of the enterprises of the Atobe region, for example from “Aktyubinsk Ferroalloys Plant “ – a branch of JSC “TNC “Kazchrome” were the following specialists: mining Engineering of PTO, chief industrial Engineering, Senior Master of mine training Branch, Chief of the laboratory and calibration of measuring instruments, techniques of fire alarm, chief ERZ section, senior master electrician ERZ, Chief power engineer of power equipment, Master Energy operating networks and thermal power sector, chemical analyst, switchman of electro equipment.
From “Donskoy Ore Mining and Dressing Plant” филиала АО «ТНК «Казхром» as visitors have been registered:Chief Engineer of SICA, Head of Project Management Office, Head of the Technical Office, the main dressing, Head of Technical Department SHDNK, head of production department" Youth "mine , Deputy Sec. Mechanics.
As well as specialists from the following companies: "Aktobe Copper Company" LLP, "NEOCHIM" -Zavod lime carbonate production” LLP (Aktobe), "Komplect Armatura" LLP (Aktobe), "Alym engineering" LLP (Aktobe), «AKRAS Metal» LLP (Aktobe), "Sagiz Petroleum Company" LLP (Aktobe), PK "Unysh-Aktobe”, “Kazcomservice" LLP, «Aktobe Ken» LLP, "Urikhtau Operating" LLP (Aktobe) , "Aktobe Sapa" LLP (Aktobe), "AK Metrology" LLP(Aktobe), JV "Kazgermunai" (Kyzylorda), "Mugalzhar Neftestroy" (Aktobe), JSC "Aktobe Combined Heat&Power Plant", "InzhEnergo" (Aktobe), Regional Electricity Company "Energosystema" (Aktobe), "Zhanazhol GTETS" RSU "Zapkaznedra" (Aktobe), JSC "Aktobe oil equipment plant", LLP "Tien Shan Engineering" (Aktobe), LLP "Expo Engineering" (Aktobe), LLP «Oil Reloading Corp.» (Aktobe), LLP «Eurasia Group», LLP "KazakhOilProducts" (Aktobe), TOO "Asia Munai Service" (Aktobe), TOO "AktyubNIGRI" (Aktobe), TOO «Kis Orion» (Atyrau), «Aleks Asu » (Atyrau), «Mining Technology Kazakhstan» (Aktobe), "Kazakhturkmunai" LLP (Aktobe), “Jibek" (Karaganda), "KAZARMATURA" LLP (Temirtau), JSC "Inter Gas" (Aktobe) and many others. As well as representatives of companies from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany.

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Mr. Zafer AĞRALI - CEO «Merta Machinery» (Bursa, Turkey) :
"We have come for the first time in the Aktobe region to meet and hold talks with at least two potential major customers of our products. And in the days of the exhibition we were able to successfully carry out these talks, moreover, we were invited to the head offices in Astana to discuss further cooperation, where we went at the end of the exhibition in Aktobe. We are pleased with the participation and the result that we have achieved it in the regional exhibition «MinTech-Aktobe", although we have participated in previous years in the specialized exhibitions in Almaty."

Mr. Malov Yuriy - Director of LLP «Control System Technology» (Almaty, Kazakhstan):
"For the first time our company took part in the International Exhibition «MinTech-Aktobe-2016». The exhibition «MinTech» gave us that opportunity where we successfully presented our company, products, talked about the real and potential opportunities of LLP «Control System Technology», held meetings with potential clients, and we talked about the technological capabilities of the enterprise. The result satisfied. I would like to note the professional approach, an informal collective attitude of organizer during preparation and holding of the exhibition.

Mr.Barkanov Evgeniy - Senior Manager of "Asterias" (Russia, Chelyabinsk):
"During the exhibition our company was able to establish contact with the technologists of the largest industrial companies in the region, such as the Aktobe ferroalloys plant JSC" TNK "Kazchrome", LLP "Aktobe Copper Company", JSC "Aktobe plant of chromium compounds" Donskoy GOK, branch of JSC "TNK" Kazchrome "and many others. Through the excursion, organized "KAZEXPO" to Donskoi GOK we were able to get acquainted with the production of two concentrators and reach agreement on the beginning of cooperation. We believe that the objectives of participation achieved by our company and will bring good results".

Mr. Pavel Khan - Director of «Klinkmann Kazakhstan» (Almaty):
"First of all I would like to thank organizers of this event, and the leadership of “Donskoy GOK”. As part of this trip we were able to meet our customers systems Wonderware MES, which was introduced at the enterprise in 2012 by our certified system integrators, the company "Intma". It should be noted that the level of such a system at the time was one of the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan. PMIS system (production control system) improves the quality of production management, and provides timely information for decision making. Separately can be noted benevolence leaders “DGOKa” automation service. They had organized a visit to the automated portion of the firing pellets, where we discussed the possibility of further cooperation and the current state of affairs. I wish you success in your work!". 

Mr. Egorov Liveriy - Regional Manager of "VNIIR"(Cheboksary):
"JSC" VNIIR ", is part of the group of electrical companies ABS Electro and offers different equipment and technologies for oil and gas, mining, chemical and power energy industries, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises engaged in the operation of water supply systems, heating and sanitation to the large residential places and Kazakhstan, etc. "VNIIR" JSC thanks “Kazexpo” exhibition company for the opportunity to participate in the "AktobeNefteHim-2016” exhibition. Also many thanks to JSC "TNK" Kazchrome" for the good opportunity once again meet with the specialists of "Aktobe ferroalloys plant" and "Donskoy GOK” in the Aktobe region. We believe that the seeds of co-operation in the spring of 2016 and we expect to successfully planted seedlings amicable and will for its part in every possible way to ensure this favorable weather. "

Bogun Anastasia - marketing LLP "Sew-Eurodrive" (Almaty, Kazakhstan):
"MinTech-Aktobe" Exhibition is an effective tool for the promotion of modern technologies and equipment to the domestic market. In Aktobe the exhibition was attended by leading manufacturers of power and electrical equipment, as well as producers of equipment and technology for the mining and metallurgical complex of near and far abroad, and, of course, Kazakhstan. For these reasons, it was interesting to see and learn about these entities, for further intelligence: competitive, pricing policies, item number of goods and services, etc. Visiting the exhibition "Donskoy GOK" and "Aktobe ferroalloy plant" has become a catalyst for cooperation and interaction between the customer and manufacturer of industrial equipment and technologies. We hope that these contacts and information, in near future will lead to productive negotiations, mutual understanding and a new contracts! ". 

Gnezdov Dmitry - Head of production equipment of company "RDO" (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
"Company RDO" for the first time participated in MinTech-Aktobe-2016 Exhibition. Meetings with partners, new clients from many regions of Kazakhstan were held, and agreements on possible deliveries of rolled metal products to Kazakhstani companies were reached during the exhibition working days. Also we had possibility to talk with colleagues from Aktobe metallurgical companies. The meetings have been identified the mutual interests related to the supply of rolled metal from Yekaterinburg to the Republic of Kazakhstan. "RDO" company expresses its gratitude to the organizers, participants and visitors of the exhibition. We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises of various spheres of activity and metal trading companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan".

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Exhibition area: 800 sq.m.
Participants: 70 companies.
Visitors: about 1 200 specialists.

Media Partner of the exhibition: "Mining Journal of Kazakhstan."
Leading information partner in Russia: "Globus" magazine (Russia).

Information support is provided by the exhibition: 

"Mining and Metallurgical Industry Journal" (Kazakhstan), KAZAKHSTAN MINING PORTAL www.mining.kz Kabel.RF International specialized internet resource (Russia), “Gornaya Promyshlennost (Mining Industry)” journal, “Gornopromyshlennik” International Specialized resource (Russia), The new industry tailored web-site www.traktor.asia, Encyclopedia of Business of Kazakhstan, Internet resource www.infonedra.kz, “Priirtyshye” Business Directory, www.maxi-exkavator.ru “Techsovet” magazine, "Kazakhstan" Journal, www.PromPortal.su