Официальное открытие выставок MinTech и АктобеНефтеХим, 2022 г.
Выставка АктобеНефтеХим-2022

About Exhibition 

The international exhibition of equipment and technologies of Chemical, Oil and Gas industry "Aktobeneftekhim" become the meeting place of foreign producers with the specialists of the domestic enterprises of the petrochemical and gas industry for exchange of experience and to adjustment of contacts, for the purpose of advance of new technologies and building mutually beneficial relationship, and also with the purpose of new technologies and equipment at the enterprises of Aktyubinsk oblast. 

Considering prospects of development of industrial sector in this region, huge capacities, an advantageous geographical position the holding of "Aktobeneftekhim" exhibition is the significant event for a further economic development of this oblast. 

Advantages of participation at the “AktobeNefteKhim” Exhibition:
- entry into the market of the largest industrial region of Kazakhstan.
- possibility of communication with the maximum number of experts not only Aktyubinsk oblast, but also nearby regions of Kazakhstan, Russia, acquisition of new contacts.
- possibility of strengthening of already existing partnership in Kazakhstan, discussion of further cooperation.
- possibility of considering of the needs of potential clients on a place.
- possibility of participation in Conference; holding an individual seminar or presentation at the frame of Exhibition.
- visits to the largest industrial enterprises of the Aktyubinsk oblast for the purpose of acquaintance to heads and leading experts, an exchange of contacts for further cooperation, formation of target offers for these enterprises.
- the prices of participation in the AktobeNefteKhim exhibition is the lowest than the prices at exhibitions on similar subject at the territory of Kazakhstan + discounts at an early stage of stand reservation.

The developed mineral resources of the Aktyubinsk area which total about 340 mineral deposits, along with other favorable factors, nominate the region to one of the leading positions on the republic. On this base gained development the oil, chemical, mining and metallurgical industries. More than 700 large and medium-sized enterprises, and also more than one thousand small business enterprises, and 715 companies - with foreign participation work in Aktyubinsk Oblast. Over the last ten years industrial production of this oblast increased by 3,9 times and made 1212,4 billion tenge. 
In the central part and in the south of the Aktyubinsk oblast oil and gas production is developed: «Zhanazhol» oil-gas condensate field, oil and gas «Kenkiyak-podsolevoy» field, oil field of «Kenkiyak-nadsolevoy», etc. The plants of chromium compounds, ferroalloys, the X-ray equipment and mechanical engineering, chemical plant and others are functioned in Aktyubinsk Oblast. 

Today the Aktyubinsk oblast remains to one of the most developed regions with high investment potential.
Within the second five-years period of GPFIIR for 2015-2019 implementation of 12 investment drafts of the Map of industrialization will be continued, the total amount of investments on these projects makes over 144 billion tenges. The started project - the Industrial zone "Aktobe" which is in an industrial zone of Aktobe city, on the route "Western Europe — the Western China", in 12 km from the downtown, in 65 km from border with the Russian Federation (Orenburg region) testifies to it. In the territory FROM "Aktobe" it is planned to place more than 40 plants of various power of the chemical, oil and gas, construction and transport sphere.
Now work on involvement of the domestic and foreign investors, who are ready to realize of the modern industrial and production and innovative complexes meeting the international standards is conducted. So, "The industrial zone" has to give a considerable impulse to development of economy of Aktyubinsk oblast, promote creation of modern productions. 

THE MAIN SECTORS of the Exhibition:

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemicals and petrochemical industry
  • Equipment for gas industry
  • Composite materials, fiber-glass plastic
  • Coating equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation facilities for process operation and production management system
  • Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • Collastic and industrial rubber goods
  • Storing and transportation of chemical and petrochemical products
  • Environmental protection and personal protective equipment
  • Informational Support 

    KAZEXPO International Exhibition Company invites Your company to take part in "AktobeNefteKhim", which will be held in October, 12-14, 2022, Aktobe city!.