About Almaty city

Population: 1 854 556 people (as of January 2019)
Currency: Tenge (KZT)
Territory: 683.5 sq.km. 
Height above sea level: 500-1700 m. 
Climate: sharp - continental 
Time zone: GMT+06:00 
Postal code: 050000-050063 
Area code: +7 (727) 
Official website:  http://www.almaty.gov.kz

o gorode
Almaty is the southern capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Being the largest city in the country, it is a cultural, financial and economic center of the republic

n June 2007, the city was rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Since the end of the 90s, the city has experienced a period of real economic and investment boom, as well as intensive construction.

Everyone who comes to Almaty admires its unique appearance – green landscapes, majestic mountain peaks, numerous fountains, straight wide streets, unique buildings and structures. To date entire micro-districts and residential complexes are being built in the city. Many of them are vivid examples of the creativity of talented architects, high professional skills of builders.

Almaty is one of the cities with a highly developed industrial infrastructure. 51 large industrial enterprises, 129 medium-sized enterprises and 2897 small enterprises are located in the city. According to the statistics, the volume of funds invested in high-tech industries (telecommunications, information systems, network technologies, etc.) has increased several times over the past two years. This means that foreign companies are interested in the market of Almaty city. Now the city has over 2 thousand joint and foreign companies, and their aggregate authorized capital is about 100 billion tenge.

The city provides great opportunities for cultural and outdoor activities. There is a large number of theaters, museums, parks, restaurants, nightclubs.

Almaty today is the largest metropolis, economically and geographically attracting businessmen and entrepreneurs not only from neighboring countries, but also from abroad.